Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning your carpets regularly is essential to preserve their original look and condition, and maintain overall hygiene. We are carpet cleaning specialists and as a company we have years of experience in cleaning every type of carpet.

Whether yours needs rejuvenating, an end of tenancy clean, are heavily soiled or you just have a difficult stain that needs removing, our state of the art prochem equipment and solutions will produce outstanding results. Our carpet cleaners in Manchester use cleaning systems that have been built on tried and proven methods of production, incorporating the finest range of chemicals for use on every known type of fibre.

There are many different types of carpets so we carry a wide range of products and equipment, allowing us to use exactly the right apparatus for the job. During our free initial survey visit we will carry out a full inspection of your carpets to assess their general condition and level of soiling, including stains. We will also carry out a fibre test to help us determine the type of fabric and a dye stability test to select the correct solutions to use, based on fibre pH levels. As an example, wool cleaned with a strong alkaline solution (high pH) combined with an incorrect knowledge of how to restore the correct pH level, can lead to serious damage to the material’s backing and fibres. Anybody who intends to clean your carpets should have a thorough knowledge of each different type and construction, and most importantly, the advantages and disadvantages each one has in relation to different cleaning solutions and methods.

Upon entering your home or premises we will wear overshoes so as not to bring more of the outside in. Whichever system and method we decide to employ, the most important stage of the process is the need to power vacuum all of the insoluble dirt. Failure to vacuum correctly and thoroughly can lead to inferior cleaning results. The vacuums and bags we use all have triple HEPA filtration to ensure all particulates removed from your carpet stay in the vacuum and dont re-enter the atmosphere. This is essential for allergy sufferers and maintaining overall general hygiene. Before and during vacuuming we may rake the fabric to help loosen and agitate the fibres to help remove more dirt and pollutants.

Prior to the main treatment we will identify and treat stains. Each stain is then removed using exactly the right products for both the stain and the type of fabric, ensuring the full depth is removed. Any older or impossible to remove stains will be brought to your attention, but there arent many things we cant remedy.

The next stage may involve the application and brushing in of a pre-treatment traffic lane cleaner to help emulsify or loosen the majority of the dirt, stains and greasy soils, prior to cleaning.

We then set about cleaning using our professional, state of the art Prochem equipment. At the inspection stage we will have determined the level of soiling and the subsequent cleaning system required to achieve the best results. The three cleaning systems we employ are Preventive, Corrective and Salvage – together they have a total of 14 different cleaning methods! The most common method we carry out is using a Corrective System with a Hot Water Extraction Machine. When this machine is used it is sited with rugged waterproof matting underneath to ensure further protection.

All of the methods that we use give far superior results and drying times compared to domestic shampooing or ‘self-hire’ equipment that you can find on the high street. All our Prochem products are 100% safe for children and pets, many are Woolsafe and all produce superior cleaning results compared with similar products. All carpets cleaned are deodorised for free as standard. Once we are done, the air quality will be improved and your carpets will be pristine and fresher with no dirt attracting residue left in fibres, to ensure future re-soiling is kept to a minimum.

All edges, stairs, and other inaccessible areas will be cleaned by hand using the appropriate method.

If you have opted for this service, and if it is suitable, at this stage we would apply either a Scotchguard or Dupont Fluoroseal Protector to provide a high level of stain and soil resistance.

Once we are happy with how everything is as spotless as possible, our Woodbridge carpet cleaners will reset the carpet pile with a clean brush whilst it is still damp. Then we will put furniture back into place, using foam or foil protectors for legs and other contact points to ensure wood dye and stud marks do not transfer colour onto your spic and span floor. We will reset the pile gain if required, ensure adequate ventilation and may aid drying with the use of an airmover.